What to Do With the Blog??

As you can see I have been away for sometime now and really time has flown by quickly. I took the time off to decide what I wanted to do with this site. I have another site at soldierchriost.com and there as well I decided to take some time off and decide what was the purpose of the blogging. You can see that what did was hop on the bandwagon and tackle newsworthy items or complain about what was going on with the church at the time. This was not my intention. The purpose of the blog is to teach about the faith. I will use secular and church related topics to do this, however I will not bash the authority. If I see that the authority is going against the church I will point it out, but not bash upon them.

So as I gather my thoughts and decide what the next post will cover, stay tuned and drop in from time-to-time.

May God Bless you and your family,


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