Happy Easter, Let’s Not Forget

Happy Easter to All. Our Savior is Risen, and we are free to be united with God in Heaven if we only follow His way. During this Easter week our celebration will continue, but I cannot help think that the promises we made during our Lenten journey. We are to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection, the second chance for mankind. This whole Easter week is a continuation of Easter Sunday. However, in our celebration, as I stated earlier, we should remember the sacrifices we made during Lent and I think that we should continue making these sacrifices for Our Lord. Maybe we could even offer our uncomfortableness to the souls in Purgatory. Christ has died for us, for our sins, He arose from the dead to open Heaven for us again and the way I see it the least we can do is offer up our sacrifices back up to Him. We should continually offer up some sort of sacrifice to Him, we should bare our crosses. Christ may have died for us and opened the gates of Heaven again, but it does not remove the fact that we still have to bare our crosses, our trials and tribulations. However, lest we forget that this is part of getting to Heaven, by trying to do our Purgatory here on earth.

So once again, Happy Easter all week long and may God continue to bless you and your family.


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